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Next Monday game:

vs Camp Crafter

25th June

Kick off @ 20:00

Previous result: Won 2-0

Record: P:1 W:1 D:0 L:0

Next Thursday game:

vs TBC

21st June

Kick off @ TBC

Previous result:

Record: P:0 W:0 D:0 L:0

Stats of the week

(Both) We’ve conceded just 1 goal in our last 6 games and kept 9 clean sheets in our last 15 games!

(Both) Craig has gone 29 games without a goal. The only person to have gone longer without a goal is himself – 37 games.

(Both) Reece’s 30th goal for the Monday team was his 100th in total. That’s more than Padzy, Sean, Alex, Ash, Chris, Craig, Jake, Harvey and Gary combined. He has scored 50 of those goals in his last 43 games.

(Thursday) WE ARE CHAMPIONS! View a season breakdown here.

(Monday) 13 clean sheets from 27 games. It took the Thursday team 65 games to reach 13 clean sheets.

(Monday) After 12 games last season, we were the lowest scorers in all 3 divisions with 15 goals. This season, we are the second highest in all 3 divisions with 45 goals.

(Monday) Kleiny made his 20th appearance. He has won 12 games and kept an impressive 9 clean sheets.

Total games played
  • Lost - 40
  • Drawn - 20
  • Won - 69

Goals scored


Per game


Goals conceded


Per game


Last Match (Monday)

vs Camp Crafter

11th June 2018

Result: Won 2-0

Players: Kleiny (GK), Craig, Chris, Harvey, Padzy, Reece

Goals: Reece (1), Chris (1)

Last Match (Thursday)

vs Leavemyarselona

14th June 2018

Result: Drawn 0-0

Players: Danny (GK), Craig, Chris, Harvey, Padzy, Nick, Reece